Yakuentei is an indie game brand (circle) in Japan. Started activity on May 2022.

  • The representative person of this brand is SuzukiYE (= me).
  • Currently, only I (= SuzukiYE) am a member of Yakuentei.
  • Yakuentei is working as a Sole Proprietorship.
    • In other words, Yakuentei is NOT a company.

Works of Yakuentei (SuzukiYE)

Because Yakuentei is a new indie game brand, currently, number of our my works is only one.

Now I'm preparing release of following game (心の力の生徒達 : Students of Psionic Power) on Steam.
But this game is already released on DLsite, which is a digital distribution service and storefront in Japan.

Currently, my game only supports Japanese language.

But in future, when Yakuentei's activities turned into stable, I will try to support English as much as I can.
(e.g., try to support English at least user interface and important explanation in game)

Contact Information

Please see Contact page.

Note that I (= SuzukiYE) am not fluent in English.
So, my English quality may be poor, and it may take long time to responding in English.