Yakuentei is an indie game developer in Japan. Started activity on May 2022.

  • The representative person of this developer is SuzukiYE (= me).
  • Currently, only I (= SuzukiYE) am a member of Yakuentei.
  • Yakuentei is working as a Sole Proprietorship.
    • In other words, Yakuentei is NOT a company.

Works of Yakuentei (SuzukiYE)

Because Yakuentei is a new indie game developer, currently, number of our my works is only 2.

On August 2022, I have released following game: "Students of Psionic Power" on Steam.

It is also available on DLsite, which is a digital distribution service and storefront in Japan.
(Note: The regular price in JPY is same as Steam, but the regular price in non-JPY is not always same because DLsite always converts from JPY.)

Now, I'm working on next work: "Students of Light Bonds - Typing RPG with Character Creation -".
It will support both English and Japanese language including story texts.

Contact Information

Please see Contact page.

Note that I (= SuzukiYE) am not fluent in English.
I think my English level is like as AYBABTU (All Your Base Are Belong To Us).

So, my English quality may be poor, and it may take long time to respond in English.

Sorry for inconvenience, but I will communicate in English as much as I can.

Thank you!